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Aaron Judge. The "Poster Child" for the MLB as of 2017. Who is Aaron Judge? Why is everyone wearing George Washington wigs? Where can I get one of those wigs to cover up my bald spots? Turn on a television... Continue Reading →

MLB Edits Rulebooks Once More

Major League Baseball and it's rule changes. Lately, it's almost like they've been trying to change the game... Well, that's actually exactly what they've been doing. With tv ratings taking a nose dive, MLB commissioner  Rob Manfred seems to be... Continue Reading →

5 Keys To Minnesota Twins Upcoming Season

2017 is a new season. That's all the Minnesota Twins need to remember. After having a season that can only be described in one word, "terrible", the Twins will need to look to some key events to vault themselves to... Continue Reading →

More Moves For Twins Before 2017 Spring Training Campaign

As I wrote about a week ago, the Twins have now signed Free Agent  veteran relief pitcher Craig Breslow. However, they haven't given him a major league contract, but instead a minor league contract. Breslow will have to prove his... Continue Reading →

Twins Sign RP Matt Belisle, Assign Byung-Ho Park

The Minnesota Twins announced earlier today that they have signed 36 year old Relief Pitcher Matt Belisle. Surprised? I’ve yet to decide. Belisle spent last season with the Washington Nationals, posting a 1.76 ERA in 46.0 innings pitched and 9... Continue Reading →

Minnesota Twins Mysterious 2017 Roster

With the Winter Meetings long gone and the Exhibition Spring Training schedule set to get underway February 22- Are the Minnesota Twins going to make any huge moves? Pitching. Pitching. Pitching and YOU GUESSED IT! MORE PITCHING! Seems to be... Continue Reading →

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