13403168_10208470728579992_1518261603409828675_o11As a 24 year old married to my wife, Kayla, residing in Brooklyn Park, Mn-  I’m just your everyday man with an abnormal love of anything to do with sports. I’ve always wanted to write about sports, and just have never taken that step to do it until now. My dream is to some day write for a big time sports network, whatever or wherever that may be. However, you have to start somewhere and that where Whispers of Sweet SportsThings comes in.

Some say it’s an addiction, others say it’s a passion. For me, sports is a lifestyle. A crutch to lean on at all points of life. Whispers of Sweet SportsThings is not only a testament to that, but an outpour of the very mind of one author, Caleb Sammons. That’s me.

Even though growing up in Minnesota, the State of Hockey as most Minnesotans call it, brings a flavor of losing more often than I’d like to admit- I’ve always found the joy in having 4 Major League sports teams with a 5th on the way in MNUFC Soccer. Following sports is one of my favorite things to do and my goal in this blog is to bring light to the many sports news headlines going around the horn every day.