Aaron Judge. The “Poster Child” for the MLB as of 2017. Who is Aaron Judge? Why is everyone wearing George Washington wigs? Where can I get one of those wigs to cover up my bald spots?

Turn on a television and flip to your local sports station, the New York Yankees rookie outfielder has taken over the “sports-light” as we know it. With 30 homers, and insane stats in just about every Triple-Crown category, he was practically leading all players… in pretty much everything leading up to the All-Star break.

Attributed to his goliath frame, and overall presence at the plate, he’s become a sensation. However, since beating out Minnesota’s Miguel Sanó in the finals of the 2017 T-Mobile Home Run Derby, Judge has gone just 3-26 in at-bats, .115 AVG, and hasn’t hit a single baseball to anywhere over an outfield fence.

“The Judge” as his name lends way to glorious nicknames, has also seen his AVG not so gloriously drop .017 from .329 to .312. Continuing with his struggles since the break, he’s hit 0 extra base hits and has only 1 RBI (coming Tuesday night against the Minnesota Twins). All of these numbers to say, maybe history is right… Maybe the Home-Run Derby form is too much for the young stars to forget as they go up against everyday MLB pitching again.

After all the average pitch in the Derby is 50-60 mph (presumably on the lower end of those numbers), and the average pitch in MLB is 90-100 mph.

With a possible playoff berth looming, the Bronx Bombers will try to help the young star out of this slump sooner rather than later.

The Yankees since, have acquired 3B Todd Frazier, ex-Yankee All-Star closer David Robertson and right-handed reliever Tommy Kahnle, ex-Yankee minor-leaguer in a 7-player trade with the Chicago White Sox to possibly try and make up for lost production.


-Sports Whisperer out.