I can’t remember the last time there wasn’t fans asking for the head of the first base converted catcher of our hometown heroes. Well maybe not heroes… rather men in our hometown.

Joe Mauer came to Minnesota and was, like AP, and like Garnett- the Angel this state has needed in sports since…. forever. Then he got a concussion, moved to first base, started seeing double of everything and he’s been hitting 6-4-3’s grounders up the middle ever since.

Since Joe’s been taking over First Base, the Twins have seen Byung-Ho Park share time and fail in the majors, as well as Kennys Vargas try his hand. Only difference between the two is that Vargas is now looking like an admirable replacement for El Savior Mauer. He’s hitting .245 this season with 7 HR and 29 RBI in half of half of a season.

It seems like almost every game he’s hitting either a double, or HR to deep parts of the field. Something Joe hasn’t done consistently since he dreamed last.

The Twins are in desperate need, (like the rest of most of the MLB), of starting pitching. Sonny Gray is going to be available, as well as multiple others harder to reach SP targets. But if you think dangling a career .300 hitter (even if he grounds out more than he steps up to the plate), isn’t enticing for a team in need of a veteran and 1B- you’ve drank too much of the Pohlad Juice. Minnesota could use a pick me up in a season that surprisingly has some promise with the Cubs, Indians and Royals flattening out.

The time is now. Send Joe a parting gift and let’s throw one of these promising first-basemen into the mix. It’s way past due.

–Mr. Nobody