Early Tuesday afternoon, Minnesota Vikings’ GM Rick Spielman announced the Vikings would be declining RB Adrian Peterson’s $18M option for the 2017 Season.

First of all, let me jump in and just say, WHAT? I know football players get paid what seems like an absurd amount of money these days… But $18 MILLION?

Anyways, so the Vikings declined his option, are out of the first round of the draft (so far, pending any classic Spielman Draft Day Antics), all early reports say Teddy is out for this entire coming season and the Minnesota Vikings are once again depressing.


So what are the top 5 landing spots for Peterson?

1. Minnesota Vikings

Look, people, he’s spent his entire career in the Twins Cities. He’s a loyal guy. He would like more than anyone to stay in Minnesota and finish out his career with Purple and Gold. Sounds nice, right? That’s ’cause that is what Vikings fans want to believe. Adrian really wants 18 million. The Vikings won’t give that. They can’t give that. Still, Minnesota would be his best option, staying at a place he knows, and that he’s had great success at.

2. Houston Texans

For a while now, reports have been linking Peterson to his home state of Texas, as he grew up in Palestine just a little over 2 hours due north of Houston. The Texans O-Line ranked an average, middle of the pack, last season. However, that’s really all AP needs. They have around $24M of cap space going in to 2017 and with a team that’s in need of a solid quarterback since Osweiller hasn’t panned out- they may not want to look to the draft for both a QB and RB. Then again, this draft is full of RB potential.

3. New York Giants

This one is interesting, due to some social media reports coming from AP.

February 16, 2017, Peterson posted via Twitter-

then after sports reporter Ashley Nicole tweeted saying “Cleaning House.” linking to a post by Bleacher Report about New York releasing WR Victor Cruz and RB Rashad Jennings- Melvin Gordon has this to say in response:

Melvin Gordon and AP workout together in the offseason and have become quite close it seems. Maybe he knows something we don’t?

4. Green Bay Packers

Yes, I know they have Eddie Lacy. But think with me for just one moment. How big of a slap in the face would it be to Minnesota if their Golden Boy went to the hated rival Gold and Green? He would only have to change one color out of his wardrobe!

Seriously though, Lacy is an Unrestricted Free Agent this season, and he isn’t without his baggage. Fantasy Football players know best, as he was one of the top ranked RB’s going into the 2016 season and all but fell flat on his face. After an astounding first 2 seasons with “The Pack”, he’s only rushed for 1,118 yards in the second half of his career. Will Green Bay cut their losses? An Adrian Peterson/James Starks 1-2-punch could be entertaining.

5. New York Jets

With exactly the same amount of cap space as AP would have been owed by Minnesota this season ($18 Million), New York is my dark horse to land AP. The Jets have a small chunk of cap space as of now, and also have to pay Forte. So could a trade be in order? How crazy really is it for the Jets to trade away Forte or Bilal Powell for draft picks in 2018’s draft, freeing up some cap space to potentially sign Peterson for a year to see how it goes?

Do you think they’ve learned not to give a veteran back a 3 year contract? Or will they still be the New York Jets- epitome of the NFL.

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