Newly appointed President of Basketball Operations and legend for the Los Angeles Lakers, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, didn’t take long to make his first move in his newly found power. The Lakers have agreed to a trade with the Houston Rockets, moving guard Louis Williams to Houston in exchange for Corey Brewer and a 1st-round pick.

Corey Brewer…

[cleans out ears, rubs eyes]

… Corey Brewer?

A few things here to chew on. Magic Johnson is in rebuild mode and has said he’s committed to bringing a championship team back to LA. That means selling out at Free Agency Deadlines. Thanks to the deals for LA busts Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, they might be saying “sayonara” to their 1st-round pick this upcoming draft if they don’t end the season in the bottom 3. So, this deal brings a 1st rounder back onto the table to do just that. Rebuild.

Corey Brewer? Yes. And Corey Brewer will be nothing more than either a trading piece, or a bench filler until they can replace him with a better model. A once, decent bigger man in the NBA- those days are over for him as he is averaging a whopping 4.2 PPG in 15.9 minutes. Now he can enjoy the large amounts of money he made by wasting the Wolves’ time with less than average play,  while he fills in during garbage time.

Switching gears for a moment to the Houston Rockets. The Rockets are in prime position for the NBA Playoffs this season, and are looking to bolster their lineup behind James Harden. However, they already have Eric Gordon and Patrick Beverley as well. Almost certainly, Gordon will continue to start at SG and Williams will come off the bench to back. While Beverley continues to backup one of the best point guards in today’s game, Harden. It’s good to have choices, isn’t it?

Louis Williams is averaging 18.6 points per game, while playing just 24.2 minutes this season.