Monday night, reported that the Minnesota Timberwolves are interested in yet another Chicago Bull. Except this time it is former Bulls player, Derrick Rose. This would would be serious splash for a team who hardly ever make free agency news in the NBA.

Derrick Rose is averaging 17.7 PPG and 32.2 MPG this season with the New York Knicks. He averages 19.5 points and 34.7 minutes during his 7 year career. But that very 7 year career has been riddled with injury after injury to his knees among other body parts.

“Can Rose stay healthy?”

-A question we hear far too often.

The trade in theory would be a one-for-one guard swap with Ricky Rubio being sent to the Knicks in exchange for Rose.

Rose will be a free agent after this summer, however. So what’s going to keep him in Minnesota long-term? Why would the Wolves give away Rubio (after asking so much for him with Detroit and Chicago) for such a small return investment with not much at all in the way of a guarantee?