Sunday night after the All-Star game, the Sacramento Kings didn’t waste any time by announcing they’ve agreed to a trade with the New Orleans Pelicans. As most already know, the Kings haven’t had a very healthy relationship with Cousins, starting with Coach Karl, budding into the front office. Cousins wanted out.

The trade sends the troubled DeMarcus Cousins to the Pelicans in return for, get this: shooting guard Tyreke Evans, rookie college-sensation Buddy Hield (we’re not done yet), Langston Galloway, future 1st round draft-pick (STILL NOT DONE YET), AND A FUTURE 2ND ROUND DRAFT PICK….

My first take on this trade: One-sided.

Let’s dig a little deeper though.. DeMarcus Cousins is one of the the elite big men in the league. averaging insane rebound totals per game. He’s also a pretty efficient scorer, adding the 3-point game to his arsenal this past offseason.

So what do you think he’s worth?

Tyreke Evans is a semi-decent shooting guard that should help add some scoring potential, averaging just under 10 PPG this season. Buddy Hield has potential to be big, but needs the minutes and coaching to do so. I don’t know if Sacramento is the place for that. He was highly touted coming out of Oklahoma University as being “the next Jordan” as everyone likes to try and compare the famous legend to rising stars these days.

Nobody is ever going to be “the next Michael Jordan”, people…… ever.

… and the rest just screams “We are in rebuilding mode!”, as they bring in another young shooting guard in Galloway and a couple top round future draft-picks.