With the playoffs looming, let’s take a look at just who exactly might make the big picture out of the East because let’s face it- the West has the Warriors then there’s everyone else (hold your horses, we’ll get there- maybe next week).

Like most seasons, you have your big 2 or 3 teams that usually always make it in. Then you have the few teams that seem to fluctuate every season and may or may not make a run at the hardware. Finally, you have the rest of the playoff standings that just barely make it into the postseason and are merely waiting to get destroyed by actual NBA teams. We’re going to call them the Kings, Princes and Jesters.

Don’t ask why I’ve all of a sudden gone Medieval. Comes with the territory I suppose..

Any who, The Kings (unlike the team) are the higher ranked and run the town. While the Princes usually inherit the Kings fortunes once they’re gone and at that time move into being Kings. And there’s the Jesters. Those silly guys always making fools of themselves. You feel bad for them… you do.

So, without further ado:


Cleveland Cavaliers*

  • Probably by far the biggest lock to make the Finals.

*Reigning Champions

Boston Celtics

  • Slowly but surely they’ve become relevant to the point where they have some serious fire coming down the stretch. Watch out for Mr. 4th Quarter- Isiah Thomas, Marcus Smart, and Big Al to possibly unseat the reigning champions.

Toronto Raptors

  • This may surprise some of you, but I’m going to throw the Raptors in here as well. They’ve come on as of late and seem to have the desire to make it not only into the playoffs but actually past the first round this time. Tuesday the Raptors traded the Orlando Magic, Terrence Ross and a 2017 conditional 1st rd pick and in return brought Serge Ibaka to the front-court. This not only makes them an immediate contender, but this gives them the shot-blocking capability and defensive mind to possibly make a surprising deep run.



Washington Wizards

  • The Wizards…. They have good pieces, such as perennial All-Stars John Wall, Bradley Beal and the 3 point shooting leader Otto Porter. However, after those three guys there’s just not enough there to propel them deep into a legitimate playoff run.
  • They’re a King during the regular season, but really it’s just a disguise that comes off in the post-season and reveals that they’re just a sad Prince.

Atlanta Hawks

  • These guys always seem to be in the thick of things, but don’t quite get a full slice of cake. The good parts are always missing- the chocolate mousse filling and crumbly topping.
  • This season I actually considered creating a category just to fit in the Hawks. They would be somewhere in between Kings and Princes. With the addition of Dwight Howard, they’ve become a force down low. But they just don’t have the fire power to take down sharp shooting teams like Cleveland and Golden State in the end. Their talent can only get them so far until they Tim Hardaway Jr. and Bazemore can complete their rise. Which let me tell you, seems to be sooner rather than later. Schröder won’t be helping anyone until he gets that silly haircut fixed.


… Now, I know you’ve all been waiting.

Jesters (from least silly to most silly):

Chicago Bulls

  • With D-Wade and Jimmy Butler doing their thing almost nightly, the rest of the team needs to really get their act together and join them. Fast.

Milwaukee Bucks

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo (Yes, I used spell-check) may be the second coming of…. Well, nobody. Nobody is quite comparable to this kid. He’s so lanky. So athletic. He alone may just drag this team into playoff contention.

Indiana Pacers

  • Paul George isn’t enough to get you far.

Charlotte Hornets

  • Michael Jordan might need to be Owner, Chairman, Basketball Oper. Manager AND Shooting Guard to help these guys. Even with the young talent of “Cardiac Kemba” Walker, they’re gonna need another year. Maybe two.


Well that’s it, the rest of the Eastern Conference aren’t worth talking about.

The Knicks are sunk, Pistons need Chauncey back and the Heat wish they didn’t burn their LeBron jerseys.

It’s an endless cycle.

-> Check back soon for my breakdown of the band-wagoners favorite team along with the rest of the Western Conference.