2017 is a new season. That’s all the Minnesota Twins need to remember.

After having a season that can only be described in one word, “terrible”, the Twins will need to look to some key events to vault themselves to even MAKING the playoffs. Let alone winning in the playoffs.

  1. Starting Pitching

    Spring Training will most likely start out with Santana and Hughes pitching for the top starting spot. However, the rest of the rotation is pretty much in question.

    • Duffey– Still young and has a lot to learn, but has the biggest possibility to become the anchor in mid-rotation.
    • Gibson– Has been inconsistent, needs to improve on starts after wins and learn how to control his pitching under duress.
    • Berrios– Rough start to his career but can improve with simple tweaks to mechanics and more time in the big leagues.
  2. Offensive Explosion

    With links to proven slugging power such as Napoli, Morneau and Pedro Alvarez- The twins could go and add power outside of the team. The other option would be to insist on sticking with help already in Minnesota, such as Byung Ho Park and Kennys Vargas.

    • Vargas is under Team Control for 2017 so will need to prove himself and will likely get that opportunity if Minnesota doesn’t sign any of the aforementioned players
  3. Control

    Some may say, what do you mean control? All I would say to that is, your players mostly looked like they didn’t care and the managing almost made it worse at times. Molitor will have to take a good look at himself and take control of this teams young core before it gets out of hands.

  4. Sustainable Winning

    The Twins will need to learn how to string together wins. Getting one win is one thing. Getting two wins in a row is another thing. But putting together wins like the Chicago Cubs more recently or any successful team for that matter, is a whole other “ball game”. Literally.

  5. Healthy Bodies

    Now this is more of a key for all teams. However, if the Twins want any chance of making it, they will need to stay healthy. The outfield can’t be getting injuries from sliding into bases (I’m looking at you Byron Buxton). Plus, they are very thin at catcher as they released Kurt Suzuki and Juan Centeno in the offseason so an injury to that position could put them into a tailspin. Fast.

These guys have the talent. Overflowing talent. Jam packed-so much that AAA graduates have nowhere to go. Now they just need to find a way to put it all together

*Paul Molitor evolves into Joe Madden*

… that’ll do.